We are halfway there, we are going to say goodbye to 2024 in a few months but that leaves us with some more time to ideate, strategize and implement successful campaigns. Almost half of businesses are winging it when it comes to digital marketing, even though they’re doing it! Our research shows this hasn’t changed much in over a decade, suggesting there are major roadblocks for companies to put a plan in place.

The good news? The other half does have a strategy. Ideally, this would be seamlessly woven into the overall marketing plan, but for larger companies, starting with a separate digital strategy can be a good first step. This can help build a strong case for increased digital marketing investment before full integration.

So let us dive into some path breaking and revolutionary digital marketing trends that have been disrupting the monotony and increasing reach. 

Data and Insight

The best digital marketing hinges on setting clear goals and tracking progress. Think dashboards and performance metrics! To get even better, invest in understanding your customers and the marketing tools needed to gather and analyse data. Smart Insights champions a data-driven approach. By leveraging digital analytics and customer research, you can continuously improve your digital marketing maturity.




There has been a rapid increase in personalising content for people by brands. Brands are trying to understand their consumers on a deeper level and customising their product experience according to the needs of the consumer. AI has made personalisation even better through digital marketing. This has enabled every consumer to feel more valued and understood by brands. Each consumer has a customised product experience with the brand. 


Voice Search Optimisation 


This has been a game changer in recent times because of  the rapid popularity of voice activated devices and smart speakers. Brands that adapt their content for voice search will gain a significant edge. It is essential for brands to make innovations and catch up with trends from time to time to keep their existing consumers engaged and to acquire new ones. 


Augmented Reality 


Have you seen the AR billboards and launches recently? Yes! They have been booming due to its immersive experience. They make the consumer view the product through a larger than life lens. This makes product launches stand out, boost engagement and increase conversions. 


Sustainability and Ethical Marketing 


Consumers love brands that follow ethical practices that they identify with. They feel more connected with the brand, which makes them loyal and brings revenue. Being sustainable or any other ethical stand that the brand takes will always be a positive reflection on the brand. It is important to maintain the stand throughout your digital marketing efforts too. 


Influencer Collaborations 


Consumers absolutely adore a well executed influencer collaboration. It is the best way to establish a relationship with your consumers as a brand. This creates more authentic and impactful digital marketing campaigns that could benefit the brand in the long run. 


Interactive and Shoppable Content 


Engagement through quizzes, giveaways, polls and stickers or other shoppable material online can enable consumers to make a purchase directly on social media platforms. This is a great way to leverage organic content and make it a direct sale. Engagement has become one of the cornerstones of today’s digital marketing. 


Protecting Privacy 


Privacy is one of the major concerns of consumers today. Brands need to be  more transparent and assure their consumers about data privacy, it will lead to a positive image of the brand. Adapting to privacy regulations and focusing on first-party data collection will be essential in maintaining customer trust and compliance.


LinkedIn: A Booming Hub for Organic Engagement

LinkedIn’s a billion users strong, and it’s no longer just about resumes and job hunting. In 2024, experts predict a surge in organic engagement – a rare feat on social media these days!

Here’s why LinkedIn is hot:

  • Content Beyond Work: People are sharing on a wider range of topics, from life skills and mental health to leadership advice and support.
  • Creators Take Centre Stage: There’s a thriving creator community on LinkedIn. Turn on “Creator Mode” to boost your profile and access special tools.
  • Organic Reach Reigns Supreme: Unlike many platforms, organic content can still reach a wide audience on LinkedIn.

Bonus Tip for Paid Ads: Video ads seem to be the most engaging format on LinkedIn for those looking to boost their reach with paid strategies.

Level Up Your Content with Google’s EEAT Framework

Want your content to stand out in search results? Master Google’s EEAT framework! It’s not a direct ranking factor,but it’s a key concept used by human evaluators who assess search quality. Google recently added an “E” for Experience. This emphasises the value of real-world experience that AI can’t replicate. Content created by humans with firsthand knowledge and expertise has a significant advantage.Here’s how you can leverage EEAT:

  • Showcase Expertise and Experience: Demonstrate your author’s qualifications and background. Have them share insights based on real-world experience.
  • Build Authority: Become a trusted source by citing reputable sources and showcasing industry recognition (awards, mentions).
  • Earn Trustworthiness: Be transparent, accurate, and reliable. Focus on providing valuable and helpful content.

PPC Keeps Evolving

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, PPC advertising remains a powerful tool. It allows businesses to laser-target their ideal customers with relevant messages, all while keeping a close eye on budget spend.

There’s a clear reason Google dominates the PPC landscape: They raked in a whopping $59.6 billion from advertising just in Q3 of 2023! This massive figure, with a healthy 9.5% year-over-year increase, reflects the ever-growing demand for PPC.

Looking ahead to 2024, the PPC world shows no signs of slowing down. However, there are key trends to watch,especially the increasing influence of AI.


In this ever-changing digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. At Brand Synthesis, we’re experts in navigating the latest trends in digital marketing, from crafting killer content to maximising your PPC campaigns.We can help you build a winning strategy to achieve your business goals. Let Brand Synthesis be your partner in digital marketing success.


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