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Social media is noisy. Get your message heard.

Social media that builds you a presence where your target audience is and positions you as a thought leader in your business Social media is one of the 15+ touchpoints needed for qualified leads.

Become a thought leader in your niche

Personal profiles hold more power than your company ones. It’s important to remain visible as a company, but human connections build trust faster. Brand Synthesis will help stakeholders within your business own a niche topic within your category and position them as experts in that area. We’ll help you build a relevant audience that naturally leads to business introductions over time.

It's not all about you

Any businesses are too eager to force a click away from a platform and to their site. You need to be able to engage your audience where they consume content. Every buyer’s journey isn’t linear and it takes multiple touchpoints before someone makes themselves known to you. You may try and force sales conversations at the wrong time, but by consistently providing value where your audiences are, you’ll be the one they think of when they become in-market to buy. Match the right content to the right platform Social media has never been so noisy. Different social media platforms (and profiles) suit different types of content — not everything should be posted everywhere. We’ll find the right balance between thought leadership, your company’s voice and your employer brand across your social media channels and stakeholder profiles. Our focus is on maximising valuable engagement over time and increasing the visibility of your business to the right people.

Leverage audience targeting

Earned social is a long-term investment that takes time and effort to build. The best social media strategies complement earned social with paid social tactics. Get your most valuable and engaged content in front of your target audience and start building trust and authority. Ensure your business and its thought leaders are as visible as they can be to create more sustainable demand.

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